***Information as of TORCHED and DARK ALPHA’S LOVER. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***


Men and women with pure magic from the earth. They have immearsurable magic that gives them wisdom, the ability to help plants grow, and discover if someone is speaking the truth, among other abilities.


MIE (me)
A sect of Druids who kept to the good side of their nature. Though strong, their magic cannot beat that of a drough unless the mie combine their magic.


DROUGH (drow)
A sect of Druids who use a blood ritual to call up black magic from Hell, thereby serving all that is evil.



Dragon King Series

Darcy Allen

A (mie) Druid doing work as a palm reader in Edinburgh. Ulrik seeks her out to unbind his magic. She’s the only Druid who has enough power to be able to touch dragon magic and not die. She’s from the Isle of Skye and the formidable Druids there. She has curly shoulder length auburn hair and fern green eyes.
Mated to Warrick

Eilish (EYE-lish)

A Druid of unknown origin with significant power. Aligned with Mikkel. She has dark hair and eyes and wears silver Celtic finger rings. Owner of a pub in Ireland called Graves where Fae – Light and Dark – mix with humans and Druids. It’s neutral ground were no one is harmed.
Mated to Ulrik

Faith Reynolds

Archeologist from Houston, Texas who discovers a dragon skeleton on Fair Isle. She has shoulder length sandy blonde hair and pale brown eyes. She is descended from the humans who took over Fair Isle after the dragons were sent away. She learns her father is most likely a Druid, which is how she was able to find the skeleton.
Mated to Dmitri



Dark Sword/Dark Warrior Series


The Ancients

Long dead Druids who communicate on a higher plane with other Druids. They can help a Druid, or chose another path.


Aiden MacLeod

Son to Quinn and Marcail. Brown hair and green eyes. Does his best to help his parents and extended family defeat Deirdre, Declan, and Jason.
Married to Britt Miller


Aisley (a zlee) Wallace

She’s a Phoenix, a rare Druid who has the ability to regenerate herself in fire. She has long, wavy black hair and fawn colored eyes. She gets her magic from music and the forest.
Married to Phelan Stewart


Cara (K Air ah)

Long, curly chestnut hair and mahogany eyes. makes plants grow; gets her power from the earth
Married to Lucan MacLeod



Leader of Druids on the Isle of Skye. Old man with long gray hair and beard and black eyes. Always has a walking stick.


Danielle (Dani) Buchanan

Silver blonde hair and emerald eyes, Dani is thrown into the magical war. She can touch objects and see things, and gets her magic from magical places.
Married to Ian Kerr


Evangaline (Evie) Walker

Working as a computer coder while trying to locate other Druids. S he has curly brown hair and clear blue eyes. She can talk to stones, and gets her magic from the mountains.
Married to Malcolm Munro


Gwynn (gwin) Austin

Brought to Scotland to find her missing father, Gwynn discovers her Druid heritiage. She can talk to the wind, gets her magic from it. She has shoulder length straight, black hair and violet eyes.
Married to Logan Hamilton


Isla (Eye la)

A prisoner of Deirdre, Isla was forced to do her bidding until Deirdre was attacked and Isla left for dead. She was taken in by the MacLeods and brought to the castle. She has long, straight black hair and ice blue eyes. She can shield things with her magic, and gets her magic from the sea.
Married to Hayden Campbell



Sister to Deirdre, who believed that Laria didn’t have any magic. It’s Druids of MacLeod Castle who resurrect Laria who is the only one who can kill Deirdre.


Laura Black

Laura has her magic syphoned from her into her family, and it isn’t until Jason comes for her that she learns she’s a Druid and that her boss, Charon, is a Warrior. She has long, wavy brown hair and moss green eyes. She gets her magic from magical stones.
Married to Charon Bruce


Marcail (mar cail)

Long, wavy sable hair with dozens of small braids on her crown held with gold bands and turquoise eyes. Her magic takes away emotions, and she gets her powers from being underground
Married to Quinn MacLeod


Reaghan (ray-gan)

With her magic bound and her memories hidden, Reaghan doesn’t know what she’s meant to do u ntil Galen comes looking for her and returns her to MacLeod Castle. The secrets she’s kept can defeat Deidre. Reaghan has long, curly auburn hair and deep gray eyes. She can tell if someone is lying, and gets her magic form the loch.
Married to Galen Shaw


Saffron (s ae F rohn) Fletcher

Shoulder length, straight brown hair and tawny eyes. She’s a seer, and gets her magic from fire.
Married to Camdyn MacKenna


Sonya (sAHn yuh)

Has long, curly red hair and amber eyes. She can communicate with the trees, and gets her magic from them.
Married to Broc MacLaughlin


Tara Kincaid

With the blood of Druids so powerful that the women usually go mad, Tara ran away after her mother tried to kill her. She has wavy, light brown hair streaked with blonde and blue-green eyes. She’s able to help Ramsey control his magic even if hers is out of control, and she gets her magic from the sun.
Married to Ramsey MacDonald


Veronica (Ronnie) Reid

An archeologist who has no idea she’s a Druid or that her magic is helping her locate magical items. She unearths horrible creatures that feed off magic. She has long wheat colored hair and hazel eyes. She finds magical items, and gets her magic from lightning storms.
Married to Arran MacCarrick