Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I just found you. Which series should I start with?

A. I have many series for readers to choose from, but I would suggest one of my more recent series since my writing has changed from when I first published.  The Dark Kings is a good place to start if you like contemporary paranormal. If you like historical paranormal, then my Kindred series is where you should begin. If you don’t want paranormal, there is my romantic suspense series Sons of Texas or my cowboy series Heart of Texas.

Q. How many Dark Kings books will there be?

A.  I always hate to give a certain number to a series in case I go longer or there’s a spin off, but there will be 18 full books and multiple novellas.

Q. Will the Reaper stories ever be in print?

A. Yes!.  The first three Reaper books will be released in a bundle July 2017 called TALL DARK DEADLY ALPHA.

Q. I read only historical romance, and I’ve been following you for years.  Are you going to write more historicals or stick only to contemporary?

A. I love historicals too much not to write them.  I’m releasing a new historical paranormal series called The Kindred. You can find out more at my DG site.

Q. Why did the Dark Sword series end at book 6?  There are more Warriors.

A. The DS series didn’t actually end. It *continues* with the Dark Warriors series.  Same characters, same story line, just a change from historical to contemporary.  However, there is a reason for that change.  If you’ve read DARKEST HIGHLANDER, then you’ll understand.

Q. I can’t believe you killed *****.  Why did you do that?

A. I don’t plot my books out.  I never know one day to the next what my characters will do or where they’ll take me.  I was just as surprised as you.  But I write paranormals, so you never know what can happen. 🙂

Q. I’m so tired of not knowing Rhi’s Dragon King. Why are you keeping that a secret?

A. There is a very good reason for this that, unfortunately, I can’t say without spoiling so many things. The truth will come out, but not for awhile.

Q. Help! I can’t find the 1001 Dark Nights on Nook/iBooks/Kobo. 

A. All 1001 Dark Nights books are exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days of publication. So check the release day for my novellas and then check three months after that for it to release on the other platforms.

Q. Help! I can’t find ______ book on ______, my favorite platform.

A. If you click on any cover on my website, you will be taken to that particular book’s page with all the information. From there, you can find buy links on the left hand side. Just pick which one you want and click. 🙂